Photography by Brazilian photographer Roberta Borges.


The beach life perception, which derive from the strong influence of her background as a professional surfer (she was the first Brazilian champion in 1985), acquire empowerment and expression through her work, mostly done at the seashore of Garopaba, Santa Catarina, where she lives and has her studio, located 160 feet from the sea.


Inkjet printing with mineral pigment dispersion process on 100% cotton paper. Plexiglass and metal frame. Limited edition (1/8 + 2AP) size 60 H x 90 W cm


Roberta Borges was born in Porto Alegre, RS-Brazil, in 1963. The art of photography is the way she expresses her perception of the ocean, having attended several photography schools and arts centers. In 2010, she received the most important Brazilian Prize of Photography (Porto Seguro Prize, Revelation) and recently won the A'DESIGN AWARD (Italy, 2019, Golden category).

Surfers Photography

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