The Jequitibá wood Pris chair is part of the collection Machina & Manus by the Brazilian designer Guto Índio da COSTA in collaboration with San German, a Brazilian manufacture known for its high-end carpentry. The Pris chair arises from the concept of a backrest in loose arc integrated to the front feet, but with great organicity and personality. The well-defined lines and the encounter between plans complement each other with complex and curvilinear surfaces. The seat, curved and slightly sloping, has thin edges and looks down at the front as if it were floating, displaying a lightness feel. A thin surface rises along the front feet and widens curved and smoothing into become the armrest, then tapers back toward the back creating a continuous movement.


Additional Options:

The Pris Chair is in Jequitibá wood with the following finishing options: Natural, Whisky, Nogueira, Dark Walnut and ebonized

Pris Chair

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