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PRIS armchair, 2019

Guto Índio da Costa

Jequitiba wood, ebanized finishing
60x50xh75 cm


Chaise Longue, 2019

Guto Índio da Costa

Jequitiba wood, whisky finishing

215x55xh67 cm

AVA armchair, 2019

Guto Índio da Costa

Jequitiba wood, seat in whisky finishing
and arms in dark walnut finishing

215x55xh67 cm

Costela chair, 1950s

Carlo Hauner/Martin Isler

Iron tubular structure painted black,

loose cushions.

73x70xh70 cm

Anjo chair, 2014

Alê Jordão

Done in metal from Volskwagen beetle car

103x100xh105 cm

Fusca chair, 2012

Alê Jordão

Pressed steel from Volkswagen beetle car

103x107xh105 cm


Bulletproof bench, 2017

Alê Jordão

Done in steel and bulletproof glass

140x32xh45 cm

Reta chair

Alê Jordão

 GMC crushed car painted in silver.

153x153xh153 cm

Kansai bench, 2016

Ronald Sasson

wood and brass

195x56xh43 cm


Concha chair, 1950s
Carlo Hauner, Martin Eisler

Unique fabric done in 2014 by Manu Alves

Iron feet, fabric.

70x74xh79 cm


Chaise longue, 2006

Igor Rodrigues

 Freijó wood and natural straw

210x70xh70 cm


Feijão chair, 2015

Rodrigo Simão

Done in three types of wood

Limited Edition 11/80

46x85xh119 cm


Mocho stool, 1960s

Sergio Rodrigues


O45 x h40 cm

Mole, 2016

Sergio Rodrigues

Wood and leather

100x110xh75 cm


Ferramenta chair

Three types of wood

Inspired by the diversity of Brazil, each wood represents the people that founded the Brazilian society, the indigenous people, the African and the Portuguese,.


Limited edition of

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