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Alê Jordão

Born in São Paulo, 1973

Studied Art at FAAP and Design at Domus in Milan. Jordão's work is about the merge of the two fields, exploring materials, production and also combining sculpture with functional object. The art-objects embedded the materials and technology of the making and communicate the views of the artist.

Participated in various individual and collective exhibitions in Brazil
and abroad.

Mameluca Studio

Studio founded in 2011

Alessandra Clark and Nuno FS create  flexible, movable and interactive furniture inspired by Brazilian visual artists mixed with their own spirited views. Mameluca studio's goal with Design is to tell stories, generate questions, emotions and discoveries through the senses. Contemporary design transcends basic survival needs and leads us to a poetic design of new information and experience.

Guto Índio da Costa

Born in Rio de Janeiro

Graduated in Industrial design from the Art Center College of Design (Europe). He coordinates the design and transportation hubs of Indio da Costa A.U.D.T (Architecture, Urbanism, Design and Transportation), responsible for dozens of projects, many of which have achieved great success and awards.

Rodrigo Simão

Based in Petrópolis

Rodrigo Simão graduated from FAU/UFRJ in architecture and urbanism in 2000.

Simão designs and builds projects of all sizes. His experience with construction provides adequacy and exploration of the potential of the materials in the projects he develops. He proposes the exchange of constructive systems, combining industrial techniques with craft, aiming at the humanization of architecture.


Mariana Lloyd

Born in Rio de Janeiro, 1986

Studied design at California University of Pennsylvania and graduated from PUC-Rio. The artist is constantly interested in surface design and how to combine nature, geometry, patterns and tessellations into interesting images and mosaics. Working with tiles, stones, glass and various materials, each little piece belongs to a whole and the relationship between the individual and the collective or the micro to the macro are relationships that amuse and take part in the work.

Leo Capote

Born in São Paulo

Graduated in Industrial Design in 2002 from Universidade Paulista.

The concept that Leo Capote has been working since 1997 is to discover how to reuse already industrialized objects that perform specific functions, designed with ergonomic, technological principles,  materials, finishes, manufacturing processes, etc.,to obtain others. These objects lose their original function and serve as parts that will integrate another system, and perform other functions in this system.

Hugo França

Born in Porto Alegre

The pieces created by the designer come from a creative dialogue with the raw material: everything begins and ends in the tree. It is his inspiration; its forms, holes, cracks, burn and time marks moves his sensitivity and lead him to a carefully chosen design, a minimal intervention that generates unique pieces.

Chico Kfouri

Born in São Paulo, Brazil

Brazilian photographer Chico Kfouri, from São Paulo, has developed over the years an extensive photographic collection in South Asia with records of landscapes and different cultural, religious and social manifestations. He studied cinematography at Capilano University in Canadá, taught at Pathshala South Asian Media Institute in Bangladesh, and is the first Brazilian to visit and register the tribes of the Chittagong Hill Tracts.

Rodrigo Ohtake

Born in São Paulo

Graduated from the FAU / USP in 2009, and a semester studying at the Polytechnic of Milan, Rodrigo Ohtake is always in search of an architectural style of his own. In love with colors and shapes, he collaborated with the architects Mario Biselli, Alvaro Puntoni and frenchman Patrick Jouin, as well as working with his father, Ruy, from 2008 to 2016. Since 2006, he has been doing his own projects and in 2011 opened his studio Rodrigo Ohtake Architecture and Design.

Felipe Varanda

Based in Rio de Janeiro

Felipe Varanda started his career as a photojournalist at the newspapers Jornal do Brasil and Folha de São Paulo in 1998. Alongside his work as a partner in Estúdio Liquido he currently develops artistic projects with photography, video and city interventions related to the urban spaces mainly in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Roberta Borges

Born in Bautzen, former East Germany

Roberta Borges was born in Porto Alegre, Brazil, in 1963. The art of photography is the way she expresses her perception of the ocean, having attended several photography schools and arts centers. In 2010, she received the most important Brazilian Prize of Photography (Porto Seguro Prize, Revelation) and recently won the A'DESIGN AWARD (Italy, 2019, Golden category).

Gustavo Bittencourt

Born in Rio de Janeiro

Influenced by his architect mother, Bittencourt developed early on in life a passion for design. Already in University, the artist received confirmation that was on the right track, as the first objects he developed were awarded in major competitions. Bittencourt has worked with icons of the national scene such as Zanini de Zanine, Marcelo Rosenbaum and Rodrigo Calixto; as well as studied at Politecnico di Torino in Italy and, more recently, worked at the Thomas Hayes gallery in Los Angeles.

Heiko Roschke

Born in Bautzen, former East Germany

Heiko Roschke became interested in art during childhood. Painting was an instrument of liberation, however, the political pressures of the regime increased and forced him to abandon any form of artistic manifestation being one of the reasons that made him flee to western Germany so that he could express himself freely.

Katharina Welper

Based in Petrópolis

Katharina Welper is an artist based in Petrópolis, known as the imperial city, located in Rio de Janeiro state, Brazil. The wish to become an artist comes from childhood whenever she learned to paint with her mother Vera Monteiro, a plastic artist. She graduated in Art History in the State University of Rio de Janeiro (UERJ) and had an internship in Jerry Morran studio in New Orleans, USA.

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